Making Hearts Beat Fast: Scariest Places in Surrey

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When you happen to live in an area that has seen its great share of history, war, and drama, there’s bound to be a few ‘haunted’ places that are going to grow in notoriety. If you happen to like visiting places that make your heart beat fast, of course the Great Bookham area will definitely not disappoint.

For today’s discussion, we wanted to give you guys an idea regarding some of the scariest places to be found in Surrey. They aren’t ranked in any particular order; we just wanted to share a general list with you guys. If you happen to know of a place in the Great Bookham area that was not included in this list, give us a holler and we’ll consider adding it on a much later article!

So without further ado, here are some of the scariest places in Surrey:

Betchworth Castle - Making Hearts Beat Fast: Scariest Places in Surrey

Betchworth Castle

If you’ve ever wanted to go to a place and just feel tragedy, this is one place you should make a part of your itinerary. Betchworth Castle carries a bit of a sad tale to it—or so the legend goes anyway. It is said that there was a prisoner here that escaped and the lord of the castle gave chase. When the lord ran his blade through the running shadowy figure, he had the misfortune of realizing that was actually his son and not the prisoner.

If the legend is to be believed, the lord of the castle is still prowling the halls at night searching for the escaped prisoner. We just hope that it won’t be you that he mistakes to be it!


Those who are avid fans of history will know this place to have ties to Sir Thomas Moore. The local whispers have accounted for a lot of people swearing up and down that they have seen the ghost of poor Sir Thomas Moore roaming the halls at night or muttering a prayer. How he does that without his head is certainly adding to the heart-thumping aspect of the place.

Farnham Castle

If Betchworth wasn’t enough for you, this is one place that you should try to visit. This place is a know hotbed for spirits. There have been reports of ghost monks, running children, and so many others. One of our favorite tales is the ghost of the young girl that keeps dancing by the stairwell.

If your tastes run toward the macabre, you may want to visit the cellar where it is said a soldier who died via a gunshot to the face makes visitors experience his pain.

Whether its ghouls, ghosts, or phantoms, this area definitely does not disappoint. While we don’t suggest that you go barging in there at night and tempting your luck, it’s surely worth planning a trip to see if the legends are at least a little bit true. At the very least, you get to see some petty interesting sights and you’ll have a bit of a history lesson to boot!

Which particular scary place in Surrey would you be interested in seeing?

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