Fun at the Roots: The Brooklands Revisited

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Welcome to the very first post of the new site! We decided to create one which has distinct ties to both the history of the area and our own history as a publication. For today’s particular discourse, let’s bring into focus one particular venue in the Great Bookham area: the Brooklands.

For a while, this place pretty much blipped out of existence. Instead, it has been slathered over by the local Tesco (which is fine because who doesn’t like convenience, right?). The Brooklands is one old spot which really proves that the Bookham area has fun right at the very roots.


Commonly referred to as the “world’s first racing circuit”, this venue truly lived up to the claim. It was opened in 1907; it followed the proclamation that public roads had to follow a rather strict speed limit—something that was needed given cars were now slowly inching toward speed rather than just utilization.

brookland - Fun at the Roots: The Brooklands Revisited

It made sense to create a circuit that was made specifically for testing and racing. The automotive industry was slowly but steadily blooming and it made for good business to be ahead of the curve. It was in June 28 and 29 of the year 1907 that the track really made history. It was there that they hosted the first ever all day and night automotive event.

Brooklands Today

Since closing in 1939, it’s had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. It was completely closed and was in horrendous condition. You can’t exactly blame anyone given the war had just happened. It was at around 1951 where reconstruction started to occur around the area. There was a museum for a while but it wasn’t until 2015, that actual funds were put into the venue in order to restore it and make it usable once more. People can actually go there and see the location on their own!

If you’ve got time, you can go through the museum or try to see if there’s going to be a automotive event in the near future. So if you’re hankering to get some much needed dip into automotive and aircraft history, this is one place that you will want to visit. If you were in the area, what would you go to first?

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