Education in Bookham: Three Tips for New Parents

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It is not uncommon for Bookham to be a destination of new families or the place chosen for newer generations to grow. When it comes to academic offerings, Bookham has a lot to offer. Bookham has a lot of different schools like St. Lawrence, Dawnay, and Eastwick—for primary school.

Today, we wanted to share some handy tips that were sent in by the happy parents that do live in the Bookham area:

educ2 - Education in Bookham: Three Tips for New Parents

Have a Plan

Most parents think that they don’t have to start thinking about education until about a year before school actually starts. This is actually quite detrimental. Education should be planned years in advance. Scout schools around the area; get to know the child-centered organizations, and so many other things. Having a plan will help you make better decisions later on.

Know Your Preferred Style

There are a lot of different schools with different styles of educating students. There are preschools which focus on play-based learning while there are those that focus on routine and academics. It would be best for your child. It is always best to go with an educational institution which compliments your parenting style.

educ3 - Education in Bookham: Three Tips for New Parents

Be an Active Participant

When it comes to the educational choices that you make for your youngster, it would be important to be an active participant in the entire process and in what comes afterward. Just because you’ve chosen an institution that you think will work doesn’t always mean that it actually will.

Ideally speaking, it would be very important for the parents to be very active participants in the entire educational process in order to make sure that their kids continue to have the academic support that they need.

When it comes to choosing the best sort of educational options, it is important to know what you are looking for first. After all, it will be difficult to say what is good when you don’t know what your standards are yet. So new parents of the Bookham area; what are your tips for choosing the sort of school for your young one?

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