Can You Lend a Hand: Charity and Volunteer Organizations in Bookham

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Bookham is an area that strives to maintain and continue its strong sense of community. In light of that, we wanted to shine a light on organizations and groups that can really need your help. There are actually quite a number of charities in the Bookham area and we wanted to emphasize a few of them since we believe that what they are doing is really for the greater good.

 Here are a few charities and groups that exist in the Bookham area:

Bookham United Charities

This particular charity owns several units for affordable housing. They also sustain and maintain almshouses. They do not have a particular demographic that they target as they aim to provide aid for a wide variety of individuals.

They do, however, have special emphasis on providing aid for widows and single women. So they are always looking for volunteers to help them sustain their operations. It doesn’t have to be much in terms of effort. You can volunteer some of your time for soup kitchens which they also sponsor.

Rainbow Trust Fund

This particular charity aims to provide help for families with children who are afflicted with serious illnesses. They claim to support over 2000 families in the area and across the UK. They are always in need of volunteers and donations.

One of their continued platforms is to provide support workers for families who cannot independently sustain continued care. If you would like, you can donate some of your money to help keep the organization going. If you have any pediatric medical background, you may want to volunteer your services.

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Christian Aid

This has ties to the local parishes and other local churches around the Bookham area. It is their goal to often raise money for international and national causes. They often hold fundraisers in the general Bookham area. Get in touch with one of the local parishes to find out when their next fundraising event will be.

If you do not have anything that can be donated for additional funds, you can—perhaps—give a bit of your time to making sure that the event goes off without a hitch. They are also affiliated with other faith-based charity organizations. So it would be a pretty safe bet that if you attend one of Christian Aid’s events, you’ll have a gateway to other Christian organizations and volunteer opportunities as well.


This is one organization that makes fair trade practices their business. They have a lot of openings for anyone who would like to join this organization. It is to be noted that this isn’t just an organization that is looking for volunteers. They also employ people to help further their advocacy regarding fair trade practices across the UK.

The UK primarily does trade with developing countries and Traidcraft needs your help to make sure that the trade practices are fair and wholly ethical.

Helping a fellow man out isn’t just for their sake. It’s for your sake as well. It is widely known that the act of charity is one of the most therapeutic activities that you can be part of. You don’t even have to do much. Your simple efforts are small drops which will have wide ripples in the society that you are part of. After all, we are all part of the same society!

Which charity or volunteer organization would you like to lend your help to?

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