Bookham Life: Regular Events You Should Try When You Can

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Bookham really cares about its sense of community so it only makes sense that it has a lot of events which happen on a fairly regular period. Today, we wanted to boost regular local events. For any locale, the events are going to be the lifeblood of commerce and progress. In order for the economy to grow, there needs to be a constant stream of community and business.

Here are a few regular events that you really should try out when you can:

Bookham Country Market

We’ve mentioned time and time again about how the Bookham area has an old world charm and a slower crawl of living. Nothing quite represents that as well as the Bookham Country Market. This particular event happens every week on Fridays.

It’s pretty hard to miss given that it’s at Old Barn Hall—barely a skip and a hop away from the Bookham High Street. What makes this even really wonderful is that the kiosks are owned and ran by the locals themselves. The actual faces behind the vegetables, pastries, and even the art works that you see there are made by the people selling it.

Not a bad place to make a few new friendly connections, we’d say.

jazz - Bookham Life: Regular Events You Should Try When You Can

Old Barn Jazz Club

Never let it be said that the Old Barn Hall doesn’t get much use. On Sundays, the place gets turned into a snazzy jazz club filled with dancing and merriment. Depending on who’s performing, the entrance can be free or can have a menial fee to it.

On a regular basis, the jazz events start at around 1 PM in Bookham local time. If the schedule changes people should be informed before hand. Usually, there will be announcements beforehand so be sure to check back every now and then for the schedules of the Jazz performances.

Bookham Village Week

An annual event since the year 1947, Bookham’s community has always celebrated Bookham Village Week. It normally starts with the fair and lasts the whole week. If you have ever wanted to have a crash course lesson on what Bookham has to offer you, this is one event that you will not want to miss.

The community usually goes all out with their celebration. You’ll get to sample local delicacies and recipes made by the proud mamas of the area. You can even join in on several contests that are held on an annual basis. Indulge yourself with the wine and cheese choices offered by the local concessionaires.

The general Bookham area has a lot of little spots which regularly host events that can really endear the entire location to you—if you aren’t being careful. Bookham manages to combine the slower crawl of life along with all the hope of the booming and bright future. Bookham holds fast unto the traditions of old while slowly inching toward a wide embrace of the technologies of today.

After looking at our list of events, which one would you more likely want to go to?

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