Bookham Gardens: Why You Should Go Visit Them

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Life in general can be pretty stressful. When it comes to battling stress, it would be important to take advantage of the available options in the Great Bookham area. There are actually several of them like Polesden Lacey or Medicine Garden or Dudley Gardens. In an area that is quite lush with greenery, it simply made sense for the community to invest in a lot of open spaces to be able to enjoy the views and nature.

When it comes to the different gardens around Bookham, there are a lot of reasons why you should go visit them. Reasons like:

It’s good for you

Being around nature isn’t just pleasing for the eyes. There are actually physical and psychological benefits to visiting gardens. Being around the color green immediately relaxes the mind. The fresh air helps to better circulate blood in your system.

If you go during sunlight hours, you will be getting some much needed vitamin D. Let’s be honest here, a lot of us tend to spend our time indoors now whether for work or entertainment. Being around nature has a load of benefits that you should take advantage of.

You help the local economy

There are gardens which do ask for a menial entrance fee. It doesn’t seem like much but every single visit and payment that you make can really help keep the local economy alive and thriving. The miscellaneous fees which you pay do contribute into keeping the gardens open and well-maintained.

As long as they remain open, more people can go and view them and reap the benefits of doing so. Whenever you visit a paying garden, you don’t only help yourself but you help the people who live in the area as well.

There are special sights to see

Every garden in the Bookham area has a story to tell. It might be because of the land that it’s on or the tale behind how the garden started and how it carries on to this date. There are a lot of different stories to tell and you can find out what those stories are by going to the gardens and really getting to know them.

There are always little tours for those who don’t quite know where to start. Be sure to take advantage of the local garden tours in the area in order to really get an in-depth feel to the place.

Bookham does have a lot of garden options that anyone can visit. Each has its own particular charm and history. We highly suggest that you take some time and view some of the gardens in the area. Before you go, it would be smart to contact the office of the garden that you’re interested in. They may have particular schedules or specific days where they might not be open.

Don’t waste a trip and be prepared—that’s what we always say. So when it comes to visiting gardens, why would you want to go?

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