Everything You Need to Know About Bookham

Bookham had the reputation of being a sleepy little town with a lot of promises. Explore it through us and our regularly published articles.

Animation - HomeBookham’s Journal is undergoing massive changes. As you may know, Bookham’s Journal has prided itself as being a publication that brought a much-needed spotlight on the quiet and dignified charm which Bookham carried with it. We aim to continue the task of providing a closer look at what makes Bookham great—so t speak. We are more than just a little gathering of small villages or parishes. We are a cultural pedestal and we carry songs, tales, and the blood of unique individuals. It is our greatest wish to call more attention toward our rich history. Great Bookham has a lot to offer and we aim to emphasize it.

It is our fervent wish to serve as the number 1 journal for the community. In the digitalised sphere, we understand the importance of connectivity and the need to foster real-world connections (as well as digital ones). We aim to connect the old world charm of Great Bookham with all the glorious hope and promise of future technology. We will be using this digital space and any subsequent forms of print or other services to keep you all updated on the latest events and let you know of any up and coming happenings that you shouldn’t miss.

We hope that you’ll continue to throw in your support for Bookham’s Journal. If there is anything, in particular, you would like for us to discuss or to shine a spotlight upon, we are always eager to hear from you. We hope that you’ll consider making us a part of your habits when you’re looking for your important events, news, and Great and Little Bookham updates. Feel free to look around our site to better get to know us and what we aim to establish with every single post and article that we publish.